Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love you...

I love you…

And I will miss you,

I will miss your dark beautiful skin, smooth as the desert sand duns, sweet, and shiny, as glass, tempting me to touch

Your long stilted legs holding you high above anyone you stand next too, even though you think your above everyone, but your not.

I laughed with you.

I love you…

I love the way you walk so high and proud with both arms cocked back to wave from side to side behind yourself, most people did not know this walk, but I knew it.

I personally called it the George Jefferson walk…I mimicked it...I adopt it….


I love the way your character is so smooth, ridding each wave without a crash, but so outrageous, as a peaceful morning then a raging storm, tearing and ripping everything in your path…Your so obnoxious….


Many foreigners know your dismay and have seen your destruction and disliked you, some even hate you, they talked about you at lunch time, But I hated them for it, they would tell me jokes about you for I to laugh, but I would not…


They do not know the light of your beauty, your glow, your immense pride, your never-ending strength, always for a fight…

I have become of you, I like to be like you, I see myself hairless, dark and beautiful, like you,

Can I be like you…?

 Your different and special in every way, so far from weakness and yet so close to wickedness, I cry for you to change…

But I love you…


I love the long stroke of your neck, turning in each beam of light is a master piece of art, pure gifts to my eyes, so wiry and tall as giraffe, stronger than a ox, able to carry any amount of cargo for miles of travel….

Anything you have to do to take care of your children, anything to survive…


You woe me, make me feel easy and calm as the breeze, chilled free and laid back, your danger excites me and keeps me alive, as if dancing with a black mamba, you may lose your temper and strike me at anytime and I lay there and dye in your arms my lovely…

But God protects me…


My sweet dark chocolate, so sweet, so bitter, I do not like dark chocolate, but you like me, you entice me to your nature, your dance, your drum, I grow closer to you in each field of the day, beats of your songs call me…


I run to your dancing and join you like a fitted piece to your puzzle, I jump to your beat, our thighs ach, our sweat drips down our bodies and bounces off my chest and your back, as we jump to our backward motion, my shoulders bounce back into the air with my hand at my side, you in front of me bouncing your back, bending it to a Bo, popping it to such a rhythm we both ride with such grace, cupping your hands to your breast as we dance, both of our bodies so tired, but we don’t stop…the drum persist, we persist, dancing into the moon light…all night long…

  engulfing myself into your soul with each bounce to my feet,

Your feet…

Your feet can describe your character that lays in you, beat up and dirty, old looking at the age of young, but strong, thick, and durable, ready to take on any terrain, better then any, sandals, shoes, or boots, pace to pace they go, slam to the ground and pounds the dirt and separates the dust as the red sea, as you sit they tilt up and the ball of your feet stay rested on the ground shaping them into the way of a rabbits feet.…

 Your teeth…

As white as the moon, bright as the dry season sun,

Your eyes…

As a shine to marbles, shaped perfectly into your face, they sink in and reach out for my eyes to gape…

Your shaved head…

Bald and shiny as the globe,

dented and scared as your soul….


I love you…

I love your long extended arms, filled with pulsating veins spread out and parting as the Nile… You intake me, you give me many things to think about, you have changed me, you have tried to kill me on many occasions, you made me stronger, not to fear you, bolder, wiser, you let me experience you and explore your body,

I have swam in your rivers, drove through your mountains, laid in your fields, breathed your breath….

O you are such a foolish girl….so lost…so blind….

Pray God adopts you for I feel your end too near, or hurt cry,

But now you smile, and I the same,

I love you….

I love you Sue…

I love you Monyjang….


And I will miss you.


My Last Days...

My last days…

Well my last days was spent lying on the bed in aching pain of my bones with an added touch of abdominal pain followed by diarrhea which lead to a long agonizing walk to the cho.  Mundane goodbyes, but blessed with the final good by of my best friend, more then a brother, Peter Malual Marier. I got to say goodbye to him as he journeyed off to the cattle camp again to continue a ministry that was once a dream. It was beautiful to see him ride off into the bush with his tent, cot, mats, and water on the back of his bike. A hard lump filled my throat as he went and my heart was content, I turn to sit in my seat and laid back and held on as my stomach gave pain to the shake of the car as my last days in Akot…went a way from me...


A Mundane cattle camp trip.


Hey yeah we had a great time saying goodbye to the cattle camp. But it was pretty mundane for me, which is OK, I wanted the focus to be on God. We have seen growth in Peter and in the ministry.

When we got there we found that we brought the tent that has a broken zipper on the door so it could not close! So as we were going back fourth on what to do about it, to go back or where to sleep, the young cattle keeper men came and sat down in front and said we want to hear stories now! That is a complete growth in the ministry in my sight because before we would always have to gather them and look for them, but now a good same group of boys come to us!


Also as I said before we were discussing what to do about the tent Peter stands up and says, “Ok well the people are here to for storing so you all can discuss and I will start teaching because they are ready!”

That is a huge growth as well cause Peter was not doing that before, he would always ask us what to do and sit around, almost intimated by the cattle keeper. By now he is the confident one ready to teach, he gathers the young men together, and tells people to shut up when he is teaching, he is really growing!


But there is much growth still that Justin will have to disciple him in like different stories, we find him using the same stories over and over, and also teaching. He needs to teach them the gospel and what it is about, not just stories, and Justin knows this and will help him.

 So other than sleeping in the car it was pretty mundane trip for me in cattle camp, I guess I was just use to the atmosphere.

I could have got a couple of wives to take home, but I don’t think there free, well at lest not free from cows…and I aint got any!


Please continue to pray for Peter and his growth and cattle camp ministry, that it continues.

Pray for Justin as he will be helping Peter through this, and Justin will also be the lead coordinator for all the teams coming into South Sudan!  

Friday, September 17, 2010

Peter Malual


Peter Malual , my collaborator, my brother, my ally, my partner, and my best friend. I remember it like yesterday my first week in Southern Sudan I arrived in Akot on the compound. I was so green. A team from a America was building the center and Jamie introduced me to him and said “Jermaine does not have a Dinka name yet.” Malual said “OK”

 and looked at Jamie and then looked at me and said “OK your Dinka name will be Mabor.” I did not know then how much God would use him in my life here in Sudan. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to see Malual grow in God and to become a true teacher and missionary for Christ.


It was the best day and a joy of my life that out of all the students in the TRT class he was one of the two to first take the step to going out on their bikes to teach God’s Word to their own people, without our presence and vehicles. Then to travel with this man all through Akot and surrounding areas to gain disciples for Christ. We lived together, ate together, laughed together, and even fought through the 

dangers together.


Now this young man has stepped up to the plate to be the missionary to the cattle camp, a group of people that I label un-reached. He has accepted the mission when nobody would. I was recently prevented to go with him on any more missions to cattle camp despite my disagreement to leave him on his own he was left. I was in a time to disciple further in the missions in a cattle camp, not to say I knew more then him in cattle camp, but we found that he was lacking in some areas when it camp to doing the mission work and discipleship, as cattle camp can be intimidating. I wanted more time with him as my last work to God but it was cut short. I was proven to be wrong as to put boundaries on the Holy Spirit for he was proven faithful and the Lord guided him to a successful mission to the cattle camp!


Without out transportation but on a single bicycle with a tent, sleeping material, and a bag full of ground nuts. He went without complaint but eager to serve God in whatever he has to do.

 I told him this is the time you will see how much you really want to give your self to God and serve Him no matter what. To get the word to the cattle keeper at all cost. We agreed and the blessings arose.


He left on a Friday and came back Sunday after he had church there, as that was our original schedule in cattle camp. The report he gave was a true blessing from God!


Malual reported that he taught the word of God two times a day to different young men! This is a huge rejoice to us because there in cattle camp, it can be hard to get the young men to come and hear the word. But with someone of their land and local language they listen and want to hear! Malual said he would walk through the camp and a group of young men would say, “May you come and teach us?” Then Malual would begin! I asked him about discipleship as well and he quickly answered with excitement to tell us that a young man name Michael heard the word of God and the stories Malual told and Michael grab the picture book that Malual decided to use to help them understand better, and Michael began to tell the stories to the other cattle keepers! The Word of God! We have been going there for more than two months telling the word of God and trying to get them to understand, but no one would retell a story. But Malual”s first journey there alone, the Lord uses him to get several cattle keepers to know God’s word and retell the stories to keep them in their heart. Malual was very happy as we all are. Thank you my God I am overwhelmed to see you move.

Thank you my Father!

Please continue to pray for Peter Malual , that he continues to go out and reach the cattle keepers with the word of God with discipleship.

Also Mapol as well, he has been gone from the cattle camp each time we went, so pray that Mapol and Peters paths may meet and continue the discipleship to Christ.

To give him strength and to continue, as the journey there is very long for bicycle, and malual and the church’s eyes may be open to how they can support this ministry.

The Lord will continue to use him to reach the Cattle keepers .

To keep him safe from danger or sickness, as life in cattle camp can be hard.

Thank you for your prayers

Jermaine Mabor Majok  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think we got one tugging!

Well after much fishing for over two months and coming up with missing bait and no fish I think we finally have one tugging at our line.

This last week we took are good teacher and friend Joseph Mabor with us to Cattle camp. There has been one cattle keeper who was very serious about our teaching of God’s word and always came to our teaching, his name is Mapol. I told Peter and Joseph to setup a separate time with him to disciple him and teach him the word one on one. So when we got there immediately Joseph starts to disciple and teach Mapol one on one (Mapol on the left and Joseph on the right) . They even went into the night hours as Joseph continued teaching him.

It was a great blessing to see it, I really felt ready to go home I feel complete a lot of the time out here, and we also got to do our open wide teachings to all who wanted hear at the cattle camp, despite having to leave are area of teaching because some cattle keepers wanted to play drums and dance. But that’s Ok God’s word got out anyway.

Please pray for Mapol as he deices to make one the greatest decisions in his life, that his ears and eyes be open the teachings and he takes them in to become a follower of Christ!

Pray for Joseph that he may have time to come to the cattle camp with us again, as he is the headmaster if the Baptist school and is very busy.

Please pray for Peter as he is taking on a new mission to the cattle camp. That he gains a level of maturity to bring God’s word to the camp and keeps the passion to serve God in the cattle camp. That he does not get sluggish, Justin and I find Peter intimidated at the cattle camp sometimes, so God shows him the way to take on this mission soon on his own, as I will be leaving soon.

Justin and myself as we continue to disciple Peter in how to be a servant of God to the cattle camps on his own.

Thank you for your prayers




Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Lord Prevails II

The next week we went to cattle camp another problem accrued! But I am not even going to get into that. So when we got there we set up and once again we had only two days. But it started raining and we could not do anything. So that day went away. Sunday came and we had a great church service! Justin spoke on Ezekiel and the vision of the dry bones. They really responded well. They said “we are like the dried bones, we have no one controlling us, but even the fish are better, the fish have water to control them but we are dry”. A lot of them that day said they want to follow Jesus and do right by God. That is great but I means nothing if they don’t do it! So I had Malual get with the main guy who always response to God’s word well, his name is Mapul. Mapul and Justin have a good relationship. I told them that Malual will start training to disciple anyone who wants it. I asked Mapul would he want to do that he said I am ready including another young man. I told them that “Yeah well the last people who came and said their ready to get training we don’t even see them!” I explain to them that the work of God is a sacrifice and there will always be something to stop them from coming. They agreed and said they would come.


Pray for these young men, Mapul and the others who want learn more of God’s word.

 Let all distractions be put down so they can come see us when we are there.

Pray that these are the right men God chose and they are not in this for selfish reasons.

Pray for me as I sit down with Peter Malual to form a type of training for them to learn more about God’s word so that Peter can begin his discipleship with them through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

Please pray for Peter Malual, as has just got a new job as a missionary to the cattle camps, at this time attending Bible school when he has never been in a school setting ever, and still taking care of his widowed mother and his crops.

God has really put a lot on him but just pray that he stay strong through all of this and allow God to continue to use him, providing him with wisdom to get through school and begin discipleships with in the cattle camps.

Thank you for your prayers!

His slave…


The Lord Prevails

It has been to the cattle camp twice now since the Nehemiah team left and has been nothing but a success. God is so great He always thrives around us. But trouble still comes are way and many struggles. Like the first week, we were ready to go back to cattle camp and on are way there just oust side of the town we would turn into the bush to get there the bolt and bushing to the shock of the truck completely fell off!

It did not break or crack off it just loosely fell off, then I here click clanck! I immediately stop.

So now we are left to have to go all the way to Rumbek were we know they will have the parts to fix it. Everything went well, and we got the car fixed and went straight to the cattle camp the next day. I was a little worried about teaching because we missed one day and now only had two days there. But God always prevails. When got there the young men flocked to are truck and it was not long before we got to teach God’s word, thank you Jesus!

 Peter Malual was on firer! We talked about purity and holiness and Malual spoke to them about Joseph fleeing from woman. Justin and I also got to teach that day. They really responded well and so well in fact they came back that night asking to here more of God’s word. As so as they asked Malual step right up with no hesitation! “OK I think I have this one.” Malual says. Seeing makes me so happy, love my best friend who is a strong man of God.

The next day we also got to have church and sang praise songs to God! Malual told them the story of Amman and Tamar. It was a good time, all praise to God!